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The choice of Cremation in no way eliminates a funeral. There are three or more services that include cremation that are acceptable with most faiths. A traditional or contemporary service is often planned where the cremation process follows at the end. The funeral home offers a rental casket which can assist in the reduction of cost.

Additional Options:

Some families select a traditional service with viewing and funeral at the funeral home or a local church that will end with cremation. In making arrangements for the service it is important to communicate your wishes or the wishes of the deceased to the funeral director. The funeral professional can help you plan a personalized service that will be meaningful and will commemorate the life of your loved one. At the conclusion of services, the loved one is returned to the funeral home and the cremation is performed. The family has the options to; (A) scatter the ashes, (B) purchase an urn and keep the ashes at their residence, (C) Purchase a niche at a cemetery for placing the urn (D) bury the urn in a cemetery selected by the family.

Memorial Service (without body present). A memorial service can be held at the funeral home, church, or your community center near the time of death or several weeks following the passing of your love one. Your funeral director can assist in the planning of such event.

Direct Cremation- A cremation where no visitation or funeral is planned. The deceased is taken to the funeral home and held for the 48 hours wait period (per the state regulation). During the waiting period the required documents are processed. The cremains are returned to the family.